Disaster Recovery: Are you prepared?

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Disaster Recovery: Are you prepared?

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Disaster Recovery: Are you prepared?

Even the best run IT operations face the unexpected regardless of the size of the operation. From storms leaving broken power and communications lines to the cleaner corrupting data by unplugging equipment to run the hoover, not all companies are prepared for a disaster…

A true disaster recovery plan is more than a case of recovering data from a backup on a new machine.  Identifying and understanding potential risks is one of the most important steps in preparing for disaster recovery.  By knowing what may be the cause of a disaster, you can take preventative measures to mitigate the effects of the disaster.


Although it might be painful, it is wise to have a clear understanding of how your 

business infrastructure operates from knowing what key applications/data the company cannot function without to how the networking equipment is configured.  Questions need to be asked to understand the scale of what is required to effectively bring your company back online in the event of a disaster, ideally before one actually happens.

With a thorough understanding of the complexity of your IT systems and industry regulatory constraints, the level of disaster recovery protection needed can be ascertained.

This is obviously a vast oversimplification of an enterprise disaster recovery but the point is planning for disaster recovery may, someday, be imperative for the survival of your business.